February 21, 2006


I wish I could/would update this blog more often, I'm so busy these days. I'm starting my new traineeship tomorrow, wich is very exciting and had two funfilled cultural days these last days. Yesterday, I went to see the the work of Rineke Dijkstra in the stedelijk museum in Amsterdam. Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous in all their sharpness and details (and they had some work by Tord Boontje, wich I also adore for the whimsical of it) and always capture the person behind the mask/pose they are taking.

Today, there were three things on my program:
- The
Dick Bruna house: a collection of all the works of the creator of Miffy. This collection is perfect for children (or for the child in grown-ups), as things are lined up to their eyesight and there are activity games.
March of the Penguins: I really have respect for penguins now, as I saw all the hardship they had to endure to bring up their chick (the scene of a mother penguin losing her chick due to a snowblizzed was heartwrenching). I you think you have it tough, think of the penguins.
- and a lovely dinner at an asian tapas restaurant, filling my tummy with avocado sushi.
(all these things were done in the company of a good friend).

I hope everyone has had a good week as well!!