December 20, 2005

All I want for Christmas.....

*squeel* although it's a bit tacky, I love this little reindeer! It would be perfect for my wip wrap cardigan I'm making. Too bad I'm brokity-broke-broke...

December 18, 2005

10 + 1 things I love about Winter...

1. Warm, wooly blankets.
2. A good cup of hot
3. Seeiing the roofs of the houses sprinkled with snow when I look out of the window.
4. Peppermint Mocha
5. The twinkling lights in the christmastree.
6. The crunching sound you hear when you walk over fresh snow.
7. Thermal underwear.
8. Curling up against the heater to snooze out a bit, while listening to Rilo Kiley
9. Hot cocoa with a shot of rum.
10. Striped
peppermint candy.
11. The tart smell and taste of mandarins

Unsuprisingly, I've been quite a bit housemousy the last few weeks. Just curling up to the heater while knitting away makes me happy at this time.....

December 05, 2005


The new knitty is out! I, as a kitty addict, especially like Kate, a knitted kitty. I will probably make this from some yarn left-overs.

But first, I want to finish Lucky. I'm still on the first sleeve! *blush* I must say I'm getting faster at it now, so I will hopefully finish the sleeve soon. In the meantime, I finished my first hat! It's
lacecap from Knitty, knitted up in a greenish blue, as I look ridiculous in white. No more bad hairdays for me! Finishing my first 'real' (as in more challeninging and not a rectangle) knitted item made me feel proud of myself and also more connected to this world in a weird-kind-off-way. I felt really content that evening and it truly motivates me to keep on with my other project.

Now, I also have to knit one up in red for my best friend (it's her birthday on the 10th of December). So if you don't mind I'm going to cocoon now in my warm, little nest bed. I promise I will post some pics on wednesday!!