September 05, 2005

I know where I will be on October the 14th... the cinema, watching Elizabethtown. I just saw the trailer and the "internet first look" on the official website and it just looks lovely. It looks like it has drama, romance, humor, quirkyness and just honest sweetness rolled in one. I will definitely have to take some tissues and a stuffed cuddle (in lack of boyfriend) with me to the cinema. Can i already sign up for the pre-order for the DVD? It even seems that Orlando has been able to notch up his acting a bit.....

As regarding cuddle, yay!! I'm swapping with Carly from Moopy & Me for one of her lovely vintage fabric kittens!!


Blogger travisfisher21470413 said...

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3:29 am  
Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

Awww Figg - you're getting spam comments too :( I had hundreds on my tiny blog so I had to turn the comment-authorisation thing on, it saves the disappointment when you realise it's not a real comment for you!

*anxiously awaiting Elizabethtown*

11:32 pm  

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