August 28, 2005

dreamy and floaty

I'm still a bit struggling with updating this blog regularly. If there's anyone who reads this blog regularly, please let yourself be known! It might motivate me...

So far, I had a lovely weekend, wich is good, as I have to go back to my traineeplacement tomorrow. I saw
Howl's moving castle (see pic above) by Hayao Miyazaki (he also made "Spirited away") And it was just as fluffy, floaty and endearing. Another movie to add to my list of "feel good" movies...

I was perusing the digsboards at
digsmagazine, looking for some nice, easy and quickfix recipes for the next week, as my parents will be away and I will be awfully busy. I did also stumble on some cleaning threads, wich, very odd, make me want to clean my room now. Better have to grab that spirit now!!!


Blogger TheKnittingBee said...

I am reading your blog :)

Howl's Moving Castle was my favourite book when I was younger. It's by Diana Wynne Jones - the film is very different to it according to my brother, but I hope to see it soon.

I'm sure you know who this Bee is, but you can find me at KneedleHappy!


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