August 01, 2005

...Currently on the needles...

After I checked my gauge, I finally cast on the minisweater by Stefanie Japel. I decided to use some Phildar Impact #3.5 in Braise and Phildar Super Baby in Chocolat, holding 2 strands together. The Super Baby adds the benefit of:
- some wool added to the totally acrylic Braise, which makes it much nicer to knit.
- the chocolat makes the color of the Braise a bit more subdued, so it's less "in-your-face"
- It also helped me to get the right gauge.

I still have to block around 2 pairs of slippers. I'm also teaching one of my friends to knit, as she desperately wanted to be able to knit a toymouse. As I saw her fumbling with the needles, cursing along, I realized that it can be quite hard to get the knitting skills down. I'm first letting here learn how to knit and to purl, then we will step over to increasing (M1)....


Anonymous carly said...


I would love to swap my kitten (last one phew!) for one of your knitted goodies.... I like suprises.... and welcome to blog land too..lots of fun and inspiration... I would love to see some of your knitting on your blog too.

3:39 am  

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